An Introduction to FOURGE​

FOURGE has been established as a secondary and alternative investment offering and platform to Four Pillars Group. It has been born and developed out of a recognition that many recruiters are motivated by the prospect of having their own recruitment business but not everyone wants to expand their business beyond themselves.

Control, Freedom & Autonomy

The key motive of a recruitment “solopreneur” is typically to have more control, freedom and autonomy through running their own recruitment business to the beat of their own drum and not someone else’s. If done correctly, it will provide significantly more income for less time input and a better lifestyle provided by more work-life balance.

The concern for many people when contemplating a lifestyle recruitment business is the fear of going it alone and the risk of being out on their own. Quite often, they’ve never had experience of many aspects of running a recruitment business (finance, accounts, business tax, IT, etc.).

This is precisely where FOURGE comes into play. We have in place an extensive, comprehensive and robust operational infrastructure for recruitment solopreneurs that literally provides them with a “plug-and-play” platform and network to launch and run their business with minimal lead times and distractions.

FOURGE takes care of all the operational needs and support for your business. Once you’ve decided upon your company name, our team – which incorporates a logo designer, marketing strategist, social media marketing expert, website designer, IT infrastructure team, finance & tax team, etc. – will do everything required to set up your business and bring your vision to life.




100% Control

FOURGE will advance the upfront cost of the incorporation and set-up of your business. Our fees for providing the operational infrastructure for the running of your business are levied as a percentage of your placement revenue.

We do not take an equity stake in your business, so you are in 100% control of the decisions you want to make. There are no upfront costs to you whatsoever. You just need to focus on your clients, candidates and placements and you will secure around 70+% of your placement fees as personal income for yourself.

For a confidential exploratory discussion, you can contact Gareth Chambers on 0424 159 331 or at [email protected]

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